Feeling Naked When Flying?

If you are a responsible American who cares about your personal security and the safety of your loved ones, you most likely legally own firearms for personal defense. You may even have a concealed weapons carry permit. But how do you feel when you fly or have to visit a school, government building, or any other place where guns are strictly banned? Don’t you feel naked?

That’s the way I was feeling myself until about four years ago, when I discovered a legal, practical way to feel protected at all times and in all places with a new type of weapon — a non-kinetic weapon.

Non-Kinetic Weapons

Non-kinetic weapons (a.k.a. visual obfuscators or directed energy weapons) are a new type of weapon; a product of the latest technology. They belong to a category of weapons that are non-kinetic (i.e., non explosive), and have been secretly under development for many years by the U.S. and other armed forces. These are weapons not intended to kill but to temporarily disrupt the vision of the attacker whether or not he is wielding a weapon. This is the first time they are offered to civilians.

Introducing Visual Obfuscators

Currently, some law enforcement personnel have been using powerful flashlights to visually obfuscate an opponent. Contrary to flashlights, however, lasers are near-perfect monochromatic light sources. They emit a single narrow wavelength of collimated light of one pure color that does not lose any of its brightness traveling through empty space. This explains why even a low-power visual obfuscator is ten times more visible to the human eye than the most powerful flashlight currently available in the market.

The earth's atmosphere has enough density to diffuse and slightly weaken a collimated beam, but at night, when a pupil is dilated, even a weak beam from a well-collimated green laser will be seen by the naked eye as a small bright spot at distances of several miles. Even on a clear day, a laser beam can be seen for hundreds of yards.

Lasers have been effectively used for many years as an aid for target acquisition. As such, they have become an excellent tool for shooters of all types. Contrary to lasers, however, even though they are based on the laser principle, visual obfuscators are not used for target acquisition but as weapons, to momentarily disorient and visually incapacitate an aggressor for 15 minutes or more.

Contrary to lasers, which project a very small diameter beam of high-power concentrated light, visual obfuscators can project a slightly wider beam, similar to a flashlight. So, if a laser beam can be compared to a rifle, a visual obfuscator may be compared to a shotgun. A visual obfuscator can be used effectively against single or multiple attackers.

Unlike pepper spray or stun guns, you don’t need to come close to attackers to stop them with a visual obfuscator. As such, visual obfuscators are powerful weapons for self-defense. They are silent and extremely accurate. They are by far one of the best hand-held non-lethal self-defense weapons to be used against one or many attackers.

Moreover, visual obfuscators are very easy to use: if you can use a flashlight, you can focus a visual obfuscator on an attacker’s eyes.

A visual obfuscator will instantly incapacitate one or more attackers by momentarily depriving them of their vision. Once you have focused a visual obfuscator on an attacker’s eyes even for a fraction of a second, you will become invisible to him for a few minutes. Once you become invisible to the aggressor, you can use your invisibility to rapidly move out of his line of attack and either proceed to disarm and subdue him, or to retire and avoid a confrontation. Either way you choose, you will be the winner.

This Is What You Need

Among the several models of visual obfuscators we carry, we have selected one that will fit your needs: our green laser obfuscator Model NKW-011. It is small, reliable, easy to use, concealable, and affordable. Though we consider it a medium-range obfuscator, it is very powerful and fully effective for up to a 100 yards in full daylight. It is the perfect addition to your handgun.

This easy to use visual obfuscator is manufactured of strong aircraft aluminum alloy. It uses a simple pressure switch and also comes with a safety lock, with a set of keys, to disable it for storage and prevent its use by non-authorized persons and children


It also comes with a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a very low discharge rate with a guaranteed life of 10 years and is free of memory effect. Just a yearly check to verify the charge will be enough to guarantee its readiness. It also comes with a battery charger.

Its regular price is $159.95, but we are offering it to you for a limited time at the introductory discount price of $49.95. Yes, for a very short time we have cut the price in half exclusively for you.

Also, we have added a cordura holster (a $12.95 value) at no cost to you. This price includes free shipping within the mainland U.S. Yes, free shiping!

If you don't have a concealed carry permit, or are visiting a place where firearms are strictly banned, you may consider carrying at all times your visual obfuscator as a valid alternative to your gun. A visual obfuscator can incapacitate an attacker as effectively as a firearm. Actually, in most situations it can be more effective than a firearm. While some attackers have managed to do damage after being shot several times, a visual obfuscator will instantly incapacitate one or more attackers by momentarily depriving them of their vision.

Your Visual Obfuscator Is a Weapon

We have made apoint above about the advantages of carrying a visual obfuscator in places where the law prohibits you to carry a firearm. You must keep in mind, however, that your visual obfuscator is a weapon by itself.

Still, using a visual obuscator in conjunction with a firearm will give you the possibility of having both lethal and non-lethal power available at all times at the switch of a button. Moreover, even if you have no other option than using lethal force, having the capability to first blinding your opponent will highly increase your ability to win in a gunfight

Had a single person carrying this visual obfuscator we are offering to you been among the victims the attackers were viciously shooting at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris or the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center in California, he/she would have easiliy blinded the attackers and saved his/her life and the lives of many others.






NKW-011, hand-held visual obfuscator, with power switch and key-controlled safety switch. Comes with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, battery charger, two safety keys and a cordura holster.

Regular price: $159.95

Limited time special offer: $49.95

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Please don’t miss this offer. Perhaps you may think that your home, your childrens' school, your workplace or your church is located in a safe area where violent incidents will never occur* but, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Violent crime and terrorism can occur anytime and anywhere in America. Police response takes minutes or hours and, once there, they are not going to risk their lives to save you.


Worse than having this type of weapon at hand and never having to use it, is needing it and not having it.

*How safe is the neighborhood where your home, your childrens' school, your workplace or your church is located? Go to: http://www.neighborhoodscout.com, find the neighborhood on the map and then click on the Crime rate tab. The results may surprise you.